Design Philosophy

Nothing we design is arbitrary. We create spaces and places that mold the way we live and the way we see the world. I believe that I design spaces that reflect who I am, where I want to be, and how I want to see the world. Over the past four years I have realized what it means to design with intent. I will design nothing shy of spaces that are meaningful, comfortable, and responsible. Design should be efficient and effectivelyaddress the community needs. I have learned to enhance human experience through thoughtful decisions and problem solving. I am dedicated to delivering  timeless, sophisticated, yet innovative design concepts. Throughout my education sustainable design has been a mission and a goal for us all to follow. However, I believe that the way we see sustainable design varies between the concept of cradle to cradle and longevity. My belief is that sustainability should consist of giving the user flexibility in use, which results in longevity in occupancy, while using environmentally healthy materials and finishes. We all have a responsibility to man kind to design beautiful, thoughtful, and healthy places for generations to come. 

Breaking through the Box: Creating new office environments

The importance of the workplace is growing and as Kopec states “the workplace environment is a place where many people will spend the majority of their life. Unfortunately, it is also a source of significant levels of stress, which can impact  a person’s level of satisfaction with their job and often times their overall life.”(Kopec,  2006) A further understanding of the best ways for users to work efficiently can be achieved through studying dynamics of various office communities.  Designing a built environment that supports job satisfaction is also one that will decrease stress and improve work productivity. The three areas of research in which will be used to support this design include Flexible space, employee comfort, workplace culture.. These three areas will direct the design and provide technical reasoning behind decision - making. This research is applied to the redesign for Girls on the Run, a Charlotte based non profit organization geared towards promoting the lives of young girls.